Leading up to this year’s Most Fit Competition I was determined to not let the stationary bike defeat me in the sense of overall milage. First, my aim was to beat last year’s numbers which was 1.45 miles in five minutes.

Mission accomplished: 1.85 miles.

Second, I wanted to hit two miles which I was able to do while prepping for the contest.

I was so pumped about killing it on the bike it somehow left me more busted afterward than I was expecting. My quads were pumped like I just finished reverse pulling a weighted sled about a 100 yards!

This was not good. I moved as much as possible after the 5 minutes to increase blood flow. I could barely squat down because of the pump.

I had a few minutes until the next event… a sit and reach to test flexibility.

Last attempt was 18′ but that was short of last year’s mark of 18.75′

Ever since I started training at DSD my mobility and flexibility has improved. I gotta think that bike sprint was a factor.

Next was the 500 meter row. I knocked this event out of the park last year with a time of 1:22. Unfortunately, I fell short with a time of 1:28. Again, just a few minutes to try and recover before the next event.

I was busted bad at this point. My goodness, my legs were toast!

The max sit-up test was up next. Last year, I completed 36. This year, only 25! It was something else… my abdominals were fine it was my legs that were giving me trouble.

Next was the final event, max reps on flat barbell bench press. Hit 19 & 3/4 reps before failure. Given how I was feeling, not bad. However, last year I hit 22 reps.

Overall, missed 3rd in my age group by two points. Last year, I was 3rd overall. So there it is, not sure what happened. I was rested up, legs were fresh but that day just wasn’t my day.

Give credit to TCC and the excellent staff of the Metro Campus for putting on a fun, challenging event with goodies, shirts, prizes, refreshments and so on.

They run the event every April and it’s open to students, staff and community members.