USAW-L1 Coaching Certification Course

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was told to be prepared for plenty of hands on training. Practice cuing, practice movements and practice holding various positions.

It’s amazing how holding these positions taxes the body.

I have a fresh perspective and appreciate. This two day course was helpful but the real difference was the host and instructor. The experience and coaching cues made it worth every penny.

We went out to Lamar, MO Feb 11-12 and I’ve been reading, watching and practicing since. Fourteen years ago I picked up Starting Strength as I started my weight training journey.

[thesis_block type=”note” header=”” content=”I strive for perfection. I care about the details. Safety matters, as does efficiency.”]

After all this time of laying a foundation of strength, I’m opening myself up to weightlifting after years of keeping myself guarded because I thought it could not be done safely.

I admit, I was wrong.

When people don’t respect the barbell and the process. They rush, they get injured.

I had an amazing opportunity to learn from and interact with Glenn Pendlay.

Happy to report that I’ll be connecting with Glenn again at one of his Pendlay seminars in April.

Glenn emphasized the need for strength work at our certification course as a means to progress when it came to the snatch, clean and so on.

I just finished my second week of Westside for Weightlifting by Pendlay. It has been outstanding.

Practicing the starting position then progressing from the top down (to the floor). Since the course I’ve practiced daily to develop these new motor patterns.

Take a look at pictures from the USAW two day certification.

Learn more about the Barton County Strength Club and how they’re helping to bring amazing changes in their community.

This is only the beginning.












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