By the time we finish warming up on Monday morning I realize there’s only two of us ready to throw down.

We started with DB High Incline Bench: 4*10 – last two sets I handled 50Ib each hand. Superset: BB Upright Row: 4*8

Followed by this:

6 Way Delt: 4*8

FB BB Curl: 4*12

Chin-up: 4*max

Zottman Curl: 3*10*20Ib

Face Pull (band): 3*10

Arnold Press: 3*10*20-25Ib

Finisher: Prowler 100’s with 25Ib on each post. High then low handle pushes. I knew rounds 3-4 were going to be rough! Seriously, I almost puked which hasn’t happened in quite some time.

All in all, a solid session and Mario killed it.

My post training meal: quick oats and 4-5 hardboiled eggs.