Training Update: Complete Destruction



  • BB Bench:
    • 3*10*warmup
    • 5*5*185

[thesis_block type=”tip” header=”Missing Bench? ” content=”This was the first time in a few weeks or so that we actually flat benched. I did my last few sets at 185Ib or 190Ib. I needed a spot to finish the last few reps. I’m not concerned about bench overall.

My primary goal is leaning out. “]

  • BD Bench:
    • 4*12/10/8/6
      • Weight (Ib) used: 50, 60, 65, 65
  • Chin-up:
    • 4*max reps
  • KB SA Floor Press:
    • 4*6*35-45Ib
  • DB SA Row:
    • 4*10*70Ib

I was behind the rest of the guys during this session. To finish with prowler shuttles. It was devastating! I was busted bad.


  • BB Back Squat:
    • 30*145
    • 20*150
    • 15*7 each set I increased weight until I was at 240Ib*15.
    • 30*135*narrow stance quad pump finisher!

[thesis_block type=”tip” header=”SQUAT CITY” content=”I completed 185 total BB squats! Used a belt my last few sets. Focused on my breathing, as fought my mind because it was suffering and I just wanted it to end already.

Each week I have added a bit more weight each time. Slowly overloading the muscles from week to week as I build strength and endurance.

Don’t try something like this if you’re just starting out. You likely can’t handle it. “]

The remaining bit of training called for KB swings: 5*15 which I used the 53Ib bell to complete. I was toast at this point but still had to run five 100 yard shuttles.

This was another brutal training session at DSD was about to finish. I thought to myself, anything is better than squats at this point. Here we go!

A new face, Daniel I believe, ran 3 of his 5 shuttles with me before finishing. Interesting thing about people when they barbell squat, you get a glimpse of the fight and grit they have or don’t. He has it.

I have to admit, someone challenged me to do more and it provided me with a calm intensity and focus to do exactly that. Just another notable aspect of training at DSD.

240Ib*15 of BB squats is about 65% of my one rep max.

[thesis_block type=”alert” header=”Active Recovery” content=”Here’s what I started doing before and after leg day. Stationary bike intervals for about 20 minutes. This has helped me recover quicker and reduce soreness. I recently threw in some light leg pressing as well.

The point is to increase blood flow to those sore muscles. Try it and see how you feel. “]



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