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Performance Training: learn to master fundamentals as our programs focus on injury prevention, strength, power development, speed, agility, flexibly and movement to foster athletic development.

Team training factors specific demands of the given sport in and out of season.

Sessions are 60 mins. Athletes will always foam roll. Classes are structured, coached and always begin with a dynamic, movement based warmup.

Online Strength And Conditioning

For all athletes wanting a no nonsense strength and conditioning custom program delivered remotely via Athlete Ready Global App.

I design custom plans that consider best practices, injury prevention and recovery- all with the aim of performance. I believe in keeping the goal, the goal. That’s you performing at your best!

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Customized Training Program

For direct personal training clients that want coaching and accountability as they pursue healthy lifestyle goals (fat loss, build muscle, create healthy habits, etc) all provided via the Athlete Ready Global app.

you will: 

🔥 Be introduced to new habits that promote long term sustainability. 
🔥 Receive 5 Programmed Work Outs Per Week including cardio/conditioning (you’ll learn the difference). 
🔥 Be expected to track and log your training; what matters is measured! 
🔥 Have access to all resources that educate on meal prepping, portion control, etc. 
🔥 LEARN various movements with a science based approach. No gimmicks or bullshit.

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