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Branson Fall 2018

Pictures taken with a pixel 3 phone. No filters added. Highly recommended get away spot when you stay in a cozy cabin in the StoneBridge Resort. I have a direct contact so let me know if you’re interested […] Read more

2018 New Year’s Challenge

All groups represented today at DSD! 2-4 member teams got after it. Only two team members can complete reps simultaneously. 2018 reps completed by each team. I always enjoy seeing every one of our groups putting in the work […] Read more

Sunday Hike: GreenLeaf State Park

Not sure how I pulled this off… Being sick with a sore throat, fever, some balance issues during a hike doesn’t usually mean fun times a head. It was beautiful out there but hard to appreciate so I don’t recommend, if you can help it, hiking while being sick like I did. We hit well […] Read more