From spring training, through summer strength and conditioning with #Edison Football, I was intrigued and fascinated to see how this team would come together.

Myself and Coach John Bartlett ran one heck of a strength and conditioning summer camp:

-We made speed work a priority. Max effort sprinting with proper recovery.
-We educated on the difference between speed work and conditioning.
-We focused on proper jumping and landing technique.
-We took the time for power development work
-We started closed drills and slowly progressed them to open drills (COD).
-Addressed both linear speed and lateral speed
-We you utilized to every piece of equipment, every band, Med ball, plate and sled.
-We did some team mindset challenges to close out our sessions.
-Of course, we also threw them a bone and saved the arm parties for the last training day of the week.
– We also spoke about the importance of nutrition, hydration, sleep and how these factors impact recovery.

-Our aim: protect these kids (they’re someone’s kids), increase speed, increase strength and their ability to produce force rapidly which is known as power. Lastly, we wanted to build up their armor.

We learned tons, worked hard. Everyone had a blast.

For me, growing up in Chicago. We never had a summer s&c camp like this when I played football.

We were never taught how to train properly. We barely had a weight room if it could be called that.

We had broken down equipment.

No coach ever spoke to me about proper nutrition as a teen.

We didn’t have qualified/certified coaches and just as important, we just didn’t have anyone that cared enough to be so.

For me, being able to provide what I never had is some of the most meaningful work I ever set my hands to!

27 seniors on this team. The rest of the young men on this team. I’m proud and excited for them.

There’s a lot of guys that want to do the right thing, that are coachable and are willing to work hard in the weight room.