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Life is a ticking clock. Every second that passes is gone forever. One day your time will be up. Spend today focused on things that matter.

DSD Weekly Roundup

Another fantastic week of training at DSD for 2015! We have some new faces in the group which is neat to see. Seriously, come train with us if you live in the Tulsa area. The men I’ve been training around the last two years have made incredible progress.

I didn’t take pictures of my workout log so I may be off on some of my numbers.


Squats: worked up to 230Ib*8*2


Bench: worked up to 150Ib*8*2, 150Ib*10*1


Deadlift: worked up to 270Ib*8, 275Ib*8*2

Classes start this week for me, as well as my regular new work schedule. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be moving on with my life to face new challenges as I take smaller steps toward my long-term goals.

It feels empowering to be in position- investing energy, time and focus- where I know my actions bring me closer to my career objectives.  Don’t wait for people to reward you because it may never happen. Work until you can reward yourself.

DSD Weekly Roundup

Another solid finish of training at DSD to bring in the NEW YEAR.  This past week was more about the volume as we completed five sets of eight reps.  I also threw in a conditioning day this past week.

On deadlfits, I did 245Ib*8*5…. all sets done double overhand. For front squats, I worked up to 135Ib*5… could of went heavier on these but I’m still trying to get comfortable with hand placement. However, wrist flexibility is improving so there’s that.

Leg curls were done with red bands. For snatch grip shrugs, just used 135Ib*12 for four to five sets. Fatz grip DB curls, used 25Ib dumbells for each set. Seated band rows were done with grey bands.

The BEAR Finisher

I completed three sets of five reps through with 25Ib wheels on the barbell. First time I’ve actually been able to handle this weight for this devastating finisher!

DSD Weekly Roundup: Squat, Bench, Deadlifts and More

First week back on the sheets at DSD as we move into fall training which centered around the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. We follow a training progression based on PRs and RPRs.

Tues: Squats; worked up to 270Ib*3

Wed: Bench; worked up to 205Ib*3

Sat: Deadlifts; worked up to 295Ib*3

Checked my body weight today, I’m at 182Ib size 33-34 waist but most of my jeans are tighter than I’d like because my quads, glutes and hamstrings.  I need to find some jeans for men with muscular legs.

Macros are 35% protein, 45% carbs & 20% fat. I tend to drink coffee in the mornings, only eat carbs if I trained early but stick with eggs and some BCAAs on off days. I favor carbs from veggie and potato sources in the afternoon. We also love great apples from Washington this time of the year. Add some almond butter then you’re all set! Green smoothies is another aspect of our diet. Dark leafy greens, mixed berries, hemp seeds, flax and chia in some almond milk.

I started more mobility work at home with this tool called a rad roller.  I also started adding in some extra Fatz Grip work with the dumbbells a few times a week. Looking forward to this next week at DSD.

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