Monday DSD Training Update


This work out was tough. I was busted after those low handle prowler sprints. Actually, those squats were brutal.

Squats: 145*3, 155*3, 170*5, 200*12, 200Ib*12
Ankle mobility work : 3 sets
Snatch Grip RDLs : 135*5, 185Ib*5*3

Prowler Sprints: Down and back- five rounds.
Band Pull a parts x15— five rounds

Training at DSD continues to push me beyond what I think I’m capable of and without that, I question what kind of meaningful growth can really occur? I’m thankful for this kind of accountability.

Deadlifting day

Friday DSD Training Update: Deadlifts, Front Squats and Kettlebells


After the usual warm-ups, we stated our deadlifts: 135*3,185*3, 225*5, 260Ib*8*2
Super set- hanging leg raises: 3*15*BW
Front Squats: 4*4*95Ib – 
I genuinely dislike front squats. I’ve always struggled with the waist mobility, along with the shoulder mobility.
Super set: broad jumps – 4*5*BW but I was a no go on these because of my fractured toe.

The finisher was to complete as many rounds as possible given the ten minute window. Lost track of how many rounds I was tearing through.

KB single arm swings: x5
Med ball slams: x10
Wheelbarrole: 20 yards - one way.


Wednesday DSD Training Highlights: Bench Press

We always start with warm-ups

Bench Press : 5*105Ib, 3*135Ib, 3*155Ib (working sets) 185Ib*2*5. These five sets of doubles at 185Ib I handled. No pressure. I’m impressed with my upper body strength increase.

Super set: 5*10 on band pull a parts.

Next was close grip bench press: 3*2*185Ib, 1*205Ib and barbell bent over rows: 135Ib*6*3 Next:

Barbell push-ups x10
DB/plate Lateral raise x10
Band Face pull: x10
Sprint: down & back 25-30 yards per round x10

We had ten rounds of this. The hardest exercise for me was those plate lateral side raises. My toe is recovering, no problems after sprints. My goodness, I’ve missed this. Lastly, one hundred tricep push downs and one hundred neutral grip curls.

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