training day

Saturday Strongman Training

I finally made it out to a Saturday strongman training at DSD. I’m competing in the ORU April 12 Strongman Event so this is in order. For me, the hardest thing was first, those 20 yard tire flips. Just amazing how badly those beat me up.

Second, well at the end of the third round, those farmers walks which the heavy weights were doing, destroyed me. My right hand kept giving out which was surprising to me. Anyhow, throwing in some extra grip work for me, along with a few other things is in order. I see areas of weakness, that soon will change.

  • Sandbag shuttle: 8 bags @20 yards each- 3 sets
  • Medley @20 yards each: 3 sets
    • Yoke- +100Ib
    • Tire- Five hundred pound
    • Farmers Walk- 45’s*2, 45’s+25’s on the last round.
  • Close Grip bench (w/boards -three types)- 145Ib*10,5,3, 135Ib*10,8,6 (needed help on that last set of six reps)
  • Addressed that grip strength.
Deadlifting day

DSD Training Highlights: Deadlifts, Leg Raises and a Hurricane

5/3/3 315lb

Friday’s Training Session:

  • A1) Deadlift: 135Ib*5, 185Ib*3, 205Ib*3, 225Ib*3, 280Ib*3, 315Ib*5, 315Ib*3*2
  • A2) Hanging Leg Raises: 5*10
  • B1) Hurricane
    • 1-3: Sprint -down/back x3 (25-30 yards total)
    • KB Squat- x10
    • Pullup- x10 or Pulldown x20
    • 4-6: Sprint -down/back x3
    • DB Bench -x8
    • BB Shrug- x15
    • 7-9: Sprint -down/back x3
    • DB Push Press x8
    • Burpee- x10

This was fun but I was busted. Finished in 17:59 which was about last in my group. I enjoy training with a group of guys are faster and stronger than me. That, along with the coach Jaime force me to push myself beyond what I might feel I’m capable of in that moment.

It usually hurts, it’s uncomfortable but that’s exactly how I’ll continue to grow.


Monday DSD Training Update


This work out was tough. I was busted after those low handle prowler sprints. Actually, those squats were brutal.

Squats: 145*3, 155*3, 170*5, 200*12, 200Ib*12
Ankle mobility work : 3 sets
Snatch Grip RDLs : 135*5, 185Ib*5*3

Prowler Sprints: Down and back- five rounds.
Band Pull a parts x15— five rounds

Training at DSD continues to push me beyond what I think I’m capable of and without that, I question what kind of meaningful growth can really occur? I’m thankful for this kind of accountability.

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