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DSD Training Update: Squats, Snatch RDL and Reverse Prowler

6×3 185lb

Snatch RDL
3×5 185lb

Pause KB Squat
4×5 35lb

Between the first three sets we did some hip mobility work. Helpful. On squats we focused on speed, speed out of the hole, as well as short rest between sets. Speed work if you will. It felt great, I felt strong.

Then we moved to Snatch RDLs and super set with pause KB squats. Snatch RDLs at 185Ib was a bit heavy to maintain clean form.

Then we moved to do the following for as many rounds as possible given the allotted time. Reverse prowler work- down/back, so about 35 yards total, Pull ups 3 with a five second negatives, and KB shrugs for 20 reps. Used 60s, 70s, 60s, then 50s.

The finisher was brutal. Body weight movements. Jumping squats and clap pushups. I lost track of how many rounds we competed. I just know I was busted bad.


Friday DSD Training Highlights: Deadlifts, Hanging Leg Raises and Prowlers


Happy New Year! I loved Puerto Rico but it feels great to be home because we’re back to having complete control of our meals, among other things.

Returning to DSD for these workouts is simply amazing. However,  time off is always nice- especially when you spend it with those you love. Here was Friday’s training:

Deadlifts: 135*5, 185*5, 225*3, 255*3, 295*2, 330*2, 340Ib*1, 345*1, 295Ib*5

DB High Pulls: x8
Hanging Leg Raises: x10

Prowler shuttle: high then low (weighted)
Burpee x10

Five rounds on the last two. I was destroyed after.


New Year, New Coffees and Getting Back to Work!



Five pound bags for wholesale orders


Green pre-roasted coffee beans


Latest coffee available in 2014


Panama Hartmann Collection

A new year, throw in more new coffee from Doubleshot and we’re all heading in the right direction. Feels great being back at the shop. If you’re able and willing to buy (online) or stop in, please do. I’m telling you, don’t take our fresh roasted coffee for granted.

This year, learn to take pleasure in DoubleShot coffee, branch out – challenge yourself to experience something new!

Come by the shop and let us make a pourover of coffee for you or pull freshly roasted shoots of espresso. Cheers!


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