DSD Weekly Roundup: Fun, Setbacks and Strongman

more squats

Oh my, I miss these… thinking and sharing about my DSD training highlights. The Monday before last, I had a bit of scare while squatting on my last rep of my LAST set.

I went into the hole and felt what can be described as a tweak or crick. Again, the last set, last rep. I was trying to rush and lost focus which is never safe.

I felt it immediately after the session and begin to work on various mobility drills, tools, movements and so on. I treated it with a hot and cold treatment over and over. Used my double lacrosse ball and just worked through the pain.

Therapy requires you to work through the pain.

This reminded me that I wasn’t doing enough to not only protect myself but also not nearly enough to improve my mobility.

From now on, 15-25 mins a day is required.

I’m striving for excellence and that means learning to consistently do all the little things right.

Speaking of little things. Like cues and technique for the movements required to squat and deadlift. It’s amazing to see what happens when we harness tension (in our bodies) to our advantage and the exact opposite.

We normally start each week squatting and finish with deadlifting.

Wednesday’s benching felt great. I’ve been adding in more pushups at home during the week. So I finished my last few sets at 185Ib, never felt easier.

We also did several sets of band pull a parts for twenty reps. The finisher was chain pushups for max reps starting with three 25Ib chains on our backs. We removed one chain after max reps were completed for each round.

Deadlifts on Friday were at 280Ib*8-12*3 so I landed in the middle with three sets of 280Ib*10. This was followed by DB split squats for 15 reps for three sets.

Then a strongman finisher of tire flips, prowler high/low shuttles, hammer slams, shrugs and grip work for max rounds. I did about three of everything.

Lastly, what we call trap city at DSD. A running the rack style approach but using Kettlebells to shrug. If you start heavy -lower reps but then move to the next station of KBs which is more reps as the weight gets lighter and so on.




DSD Weekly Roundup

squat city

Another solid week of training in the books. Here’s some highlights from the last weeks’ training.


Squats: worked up to 255Ib*12 (belted).

DB Split squats: 35Ib, 40Ib dumbbells per hand.


Bench Press: worked up to 175Ib*10

B1) Floor Press: 135Ib*6*2, 175Ib*6

B2) DB SA Row: 3*8 ea: 100Ib*8*2, 90Ib*8

C1) Band Pushup: x10

C2) KB Burpee: x10

C3) Jump Rope x100

C4) 150 yard Shuttle

Made it through about three or four rounds of C1- C4.


A) Deadlift: worked up to 300Ib*12

B1) DB PushPress- used 40Ib, 45Ib*6 reps -for several sets or more.

B2) Fatz Grip BB RDL- used 135Ib*8 reps for several sets or more

B3) Squat Jumps- x10*190Ib body weight. Attempted to do these as explosively as possible.

B4) KB Swings- used 50 plus pound  bells I think.  For 12 reps – several sets or more.

C1) Javokek Complex. I did my sets with 10Ib plus the barbell for three rounds. Rough because I had some left lower back tightness/flare up.

– upright row x6

-high pulls snatch x6

-back squat to press- x6

-Goodmorning- x6

Bent Row- x6

Finished with some mobility work and the lacrosse ball which helped relieve that lower back flare.

For the weekend, I got some riding in on the bike and hit a KB/push-up complex, some pull ups, KB Presses, towel curls using the KBs.

Also, on the nutritional front, I’ve been eating carbs to about a 2:1 ratio which my carbs coming mostly from rice, potatoes and vegetables. My weight is at 190Ib, waist is 34-35 so my body composition is different than the last time I weighed this much.

I recently started taking ZMA before bed which I think is helping with recovery. I cut my coffee intake down to a cup a day for the most part. I’m continuing to add maca to my smoothies as well. That’s all for now. Stay tuned.


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Buy it, read it and keep within reach.