The following six steps are what we shared with our DSD strength family members to help them clearly define what they want while providing the accountability to ensure they reach their perspective goals.

The 6 Steps

  • STEP 1: Attach an emotion, make it PRECISE and give it a DEADLINE.
  • STEP 2: Know any LIMITING factors? Heart conditions, hip or mobility problems and so on. Highlighting these helps to keep you grounded and allows you to plan to work around it.
  • STEP 3: What ACTIONS are you COMMITTED to? ACTION is my word to start of this new year. Let’s not be guilty of only talking about it and never being about it- ACTION.
    • Make a list of action steps you need to do to reach your specific goal.
    • Make another list of what has to go in order to reach that goal.
  • STEP 4: Determine the behaviors that go with STEP 3
    • Your actions determine what you will or will not achieve.
  • STEP 5: Make a list of intermediate goals with deadlines.
    • You need to be able to re-measure on a consistent basis and make adjustments weekly.
  • STEP 6: KEEP a detailed training & nutrition log

I told my class to bring me their BIG 3, big three goals with Step 1, 2 & 3. The rest of the activity is for you and your continued growth and development.

Have it ready by Wednesday after class.

Even if you’re not in my class, do this and bring it to your coach. This will help all coaches keep you all accountable.

CREDIT: Strength Sensei and Arnold.