I remember when I first started as a trainee in the Men’s DSD Strongman program four plus years ago.

In my mind, I had decent lifting numbers on the big three lifts from training alone but soon learned my work capacity was lacking.

At DSD, we’re in and out of our training session in an hour or less.

As a result, all my lifts dropped!

I remember when the warmup alone about finished me off. I wasn’t use to the speed at which we did our dynamic warmup and mobility drills. When you come, remember, pace yourself or learn the hard way.

For the moment I walked through those doors. I was met with a challenge! Surrounded by a group of men that hustled, pushed and built each other up every time we came to battle.

[thesis_block type=”alert” header=”” content=”At DSD, we finish each session with challenges/finishers.

During this time, I became a better, stronger version of myself because I was willing to do the following:

  1. Show up. Started three time a week and then increased to 4-5 times a week. How can the process begin if we don’t consistently show up? If we don’t require more of ourselves?
  2. Nutrition. I just ate whatever I wanted because I felt I deserved it in light of my hard training. I realized my primary goal wasn’t just to be strong but I wanted to be as lean as possible. a sloppy diet can ruin all that training you put in, don’t let it!
  3. Sleep. I made it a priority to sleep 7-8 hours a night. When I started sleeping better and longer, I noticed my body fat decrease.
  4. Accountable. While training in a group environment, I saw all my lifts increase with a life time PR of 370Ib Squat, 455Ib Deadlift and a 255Ib Bench Press for a total: 1,080. I knew I would thrive in the right setting!
  5. Coachable. I came to the program having already trained with the barbell for years but I did let ego interfere with my development. I allowed myself to be coached and challenged.
  6. 100%. You must be willing to check whatever fears or problems or distractions you have in life, at the door. When you come to train at DSD, they expect 100% focus and 100% effort! EVERY TIME.
  7. Be Patient. I decided my training was a lifelong commitment not just a small phase I was going through. I made up my mind… I knew I was playing the long game!

What are you waiting For?

If YOU want MORE than just a gym membership, then DSD is for YOU! THIS IS A FAMILY and this family has your GOALS and best interests front and centered.


  • You will build strength
  • You will lose fat
  • You will feel amazing
  • You will perform strong
  • YOU will BECOME the Strongest Version of YOU!

I’ll see you on the other side!