All pictures were taken on my Pixel 2 XL.  An amazing time to celebrate Scott’s graduation from medical school and explore the city. A week doesn’t seem like enough time. Tons of walking, okay coffee and decent food. It’s no Chicago but cool nonetheless. I’ll post more pics in a follow up post […] Read More

FFR Challenge Kicks OFF, Wk 1 Recap and What I Want People to Take Away After 25 Weeks?

Last week our Fit First Responder 25 week challenge kicked off! After a year of coaching and witnessing the last several months or so of last year’s challenge, I started to make a few mental notes I wanted to share. Each week we’re asking our first responders to consider some significant questions. Like, “Who are […] Read More

35 Miles in 6 Hours!

Congrats to Kenney for claiming 3rd Overall at the 6 hour Snake Run with 35 miles! I’m honored to have been a small part of it brother […] Read More

Prepare a Quick Breakfast the Night Before is a resource my wife and I have followed for years. Here’s a quick and easy recipe we’ve been using the last few months.    Find her book on Amazon here.   […] Read More

2018 New Year’s Challenge

All groups represented today at DSD! 2-4 member teams got after it. Only two team members can complete reps simultaneously. 2018 reps completed by each team. I always enjoy seeing every one of our groups putting in the work […] Read More


I remember when I first started as a trainee in the Men’s DSD Strongman program four plus years ago. In my mind, I had decent lifting numbers on the big three lifts from training alone but soon learned my work capacity was lacking. At DSD, we’re in and out of our training session in an […] Read More

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