I’m excited to announce I’ve joined the coaching team with DSD, FFR and BCT!

We drove to Lamar, MO to attend a USAW-L1 certification course. I completed the USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Certification.

Thank you to Coach JC for believing and investing in me. Thanks to my amazing wife Robin for supporting me and tagging along during the trip.

I’m honored to learn from someone that has proven training systems that yield amazing results within various demographics.

[thesis_block type=”tip” header=”” content=”See the evidence for yourself. Check out the sites linked above. “]

I’m not certain what the future holds but for now, as I’ve heard Coach JC say countless times… “I’m gonna own the moment.”

Stay tuned. I’m heading to a Pendlay seminar near the start of April. Onward and upward. Always strive for excellence in all you do!