What We Do?


– Team Training & Athletic Development (middle/High School)
– Summer Camps:
– strength and conditioning
– linear/lateral speed work
– power development
– Change of direction
– agility
– Olympic lifting instruction
– Complete Training Systems for Middle/HS settings
– Year round training protocols
– Entire Team & Individual group classes

Coaches need coaching!

– Certification Recommendations & Know How
– Weight Room Design/Layout
– Workshops
– Seminars
– Speaking
– Internships
– Mentoring
– Coaching placement
– Coach training: running a session, guiding a warmup, learning to use your pitch & tone.

Staff, Coaches, Schools & Administrators regarding:

– Why every school needs a certified strength and conditioning coach?
– How to structure a S&C portion at your school?
– Why every school should have a S&C program?
– How to raise funds for a S&C coach and program?
– How S&C creates healthier and happy students?
– Why safety is a primary concern and how that enhances athletic development?
– Introduce significant research and case studies.