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Bishop’s Fate Drawing Near

Diocese of Durham: Diocesan Synod, May 21 2010

But this will be my last Diocesan Synod, and I want to pay grateful tribute to those who have faithfully carried the administrative work of the Diocese over the last seven years, not least the Diocesan Secretary and his colleagues in the office, the successive Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity, and the DBF and especially its Chair, and to you in Synod past and present.

Only a matter of time. I wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes? I’ve always appreciated that fact that he (N.T Wright) had a foot in both avenues- academic and church- but I’m happy to see him return to teaching, research and writing full-time.

Quote from Abraham Heschel “God in Search of Man”

Taken from the subsection titled “The self understanding of Religion.”

Such self-understanding is necessary for many reasons. Original teachings of religion are not given in rational, dogmatic terms but in indicative expressions. It is therefore necessary to explicate their meanings. Moreover, since they have been expressed in an ancient language, one must carefully penetrate the genuine intent of the Biblical authors.”


Quote from Wright’s Resurrection and The Son of God

We should note the difference, at this point, between the promise of ‘heaven’, seen as a post-moterm comfort offered by the wealthy and powerful to the poor and powerless, on the one hand, and resurrection on the other. Resurrection is precisely concerned with the present world and its renewal, not with escaping the present world and going somewhere else;and, in its early Jewish forms right through to its developed Christian forms, it was always concerned with divine judgment, with the creator god acting within history to put right that which is wrong.

Only if we misunderstand what resurrection actually involved can we line it up with the kind of ‘pie in the sky’ promises which earned the scorn of many twentieth-century social reformers.”