2016 Recap, Training Update and 2017 Outlook

2016 Recap/Training Update

Another year of training at DSD in the books. Over three years since I started and my mind and body are the best they’ve ever been.

I’m 33 years old and am stronger, leaner and healthier than any other time in my life.

I finished 2016 with my weight at 180Ib, down to 13.7% body fat with a squat 335Ib, bench 245Ib and Deadlift at 455Ib (PR). My hip to waist ratio is the best it’s ever been.

[thesis_block type=”alert” header=”” content=”Despite the holidays I still managed a calorie deficit coupled with 3-4 main training days plus 1-2 conditioning days per week.”]

Some of my best lifts ever, happened in 2016 but overall strength on the big three isn’t my primary focus. Feeling good and looking trained is my primary focus. More on my outlook and goals for 2017 later.

The New Year has brought big new changes at the coaching level. The other change is the absence of some guys I trained and battled with for the last two years or so. That’s tough.

I wish them all nothing but the best. I’m sure they’ll do great.

[thesis_block type=”tip” header=”” content=”I know why I train and have specific outcomes I desire from my actions. Knowing what I want and why is a significant factor that keeps me focused during times of change.”]

Unchanged is my discipline and determination toward my goals

2017 Outlook/Goals

I heard on a podcast recently:

“you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”   – Peter Drucker

The last five to six months of 2016 I completed a monthly body fat assessment with measurements of shoulders, chest, waist, hips, bicep, thigh, calf and forearm. This also included a seven point skin fold which measures in millimeters.

The idea: how can you know whether or not what you’re doing is actually working unless it’s measured? To be successful it must be defined and tracked.

For me, this is when I make the most progress in my training and nutrition. So, here’s some specific goals for 2017:

<<Fitness  Goals>>

  • Giving myself 90 days to drop down to 12% body fat. As of Dec 21, I’m at 13.7%
  • 90 days to increase my biceps 2 inches: so as of Dec 21 (last time measured) left bicep was 14.5. So 16.5 is the goal by April 14.

<<Personal Goals>>

  • Read/listen to one book per month
  • Turn off phone at the dinner table or when eating
  • Share 3 gratitudes with Robin before bed
  • Continue to connect with at least three college/high school friends: call/text at least once a month.
  • Find Violet (rescue dog) a forever home!

Other News

I finish my last science prerequisite at the Tulsa community college by the end of spring. I started submitting applications for physical therapy school.

I will know before the start of summer about my status for PT school. If all goes accordingly, I’ll start this summer.


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